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Green + Cross Summer News Letter - Green Environment News and Global Warming News


The Green Cross was organized  in 2005 .and the names "American Green Cross"  and "International Green Cross" were awarded trademarked status with  the U.S. Office of Trademarks and Patents in 2006 ., including recognized  international protection .  
The Green Cross makes its home in the small Colorado mountain town of Pagosa Springs .  and
The pristine , natural environment of this Green Cross  home base helps provide the inspiration for the  dedicated staff members of The Green Cross.
The Green Cross would like to Welcome all its new Members and Appreciates their support for contributing to the Green Cross Environmental Project Fund .
The Green Cross is excited to announce that the web host , , has recently completed construction of the The Green Cross On Line Merchandise Store .
Customers and Contributors of The Green Cross can now find Private Green Cross label  polo shirts, tank tops, denim shirts, fleece lined nylon jackets, fleece jackets and vests , Golf shirts, caps, visors, wristbands, bumper stickers , Ladies Silver and Malachite Stone inlaid Green Cross necklaces , and the new Happy Tree Frog Logo  T-shirts.
Clothing items are offered in men's, women's, youth and toddler sizes , and are of the finest quality and low prices..
Purchases of Green Cross monogrammed logo merchandise help support The Green Cross Environmental Project Fund ., and help spread the word ,  for advancement of The Green Cross Mission Statement .   
The Public's generous support of the Green Cross shows a broad base of awareness of the need for the Green Cross to develop Environmental Projects , which will make a real net reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions , around the World .
The Green Cross is also  working with the Industry leaders in the Automobile and Truck Manufacturing and Renting Businesses , Passenger and Freight Airlines, Shipping and Barging Companies , Power Generating Companies , Ethanol and BioDiesel Producers , Mining Industry , Lumber Companies , Private Foundations and Philanthropic Organizations  , to help fund the Green Cross Environmental Projects , in a perennial relationship.
As The Green Cross becomes fully funded , a further priority list of Targeted Environmental Projects will be announced , after heart felt research and in-depth consultation with biologist and environmentalist  , located around the World . 
The Green Cross welcomes the ideas and project suggestions from all  . Please send us an e-mail from our " Contact Us " page .




Christopher Smith: Founder and President of The American Green Cross a 501-c-3 Environmental Project Organization, and is the Environmental project manager.

Board of Directors
for a Sustainable Environment and Solutions to Causes of Global Warming 

Christopher Smith
Founder and President of the Green Cross
Having been fortunate to have lived during the undeveloped Colorado life of the 1950s, and raised on a ranch in the Mountains, Christopher Smith  acquired an early appreciation for the unspoiled environment.
After 50 plus years of observing the pristine Mountains becoming over-developed, and the Earth's population depleting the remaining Planet's forest, wilderness,  oceans, and their resources, a path had to be discovered to turn away from this destructive force.
A platform had to be created which would have the strength and finances to make a real , net difference in the Earth's remaining natural Environment.  A fragmented approach , at this late date, will not be powerful enough to be effective.
Green Cross - helping to save our environment
The Environmental tasks facing the World today are enormous in scope and effort, and the job can only be
managed with sufficient resources of funds and  dedicated people.
By gathering a group of thoughtful people, committed to protecting the Environment, who are funded  and supported by the public, foundations,  and the corporations, and who are focused to create a trusted and respected organization, which can gather the finances and strength to preserve and repair the Earth's Environment, was the only answer.
The Green Cross is that solution. The Green Cross provides a Universal Base for all people, from all walks of life, to have a way and a say to participate in directing and changing the course the World has been steering towards.
To garner that Universal appeal, maintain financial support, and be successful, the Green Cross must remain politically neutral, non-controversial, project completion oriented, and be trusted and verifiable.
The Green Cross is totally concentrated on being an organization which organically grows from the successful completion of its targeted Environmental projects, and prides itself in making a real, net positive difference, for the benefit of the Earth's Environment and in appreciation to the supporters of the Green Cross.
It is for that goal, which Christopher Smith founded the Green Cross, and pledges to all, to remain steadfast.
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                                                      HUMBLE BEGINNINGS of The GREEN + CROSS

Helmut Schneider, Environmental Consultant
  18225 Kühlungsborn, Germany
  Phone: 01 49 38293 879 789
  Cell: 01 49 0177 821 0218

Helmut Schneider
: Responsible for the Financial Management of Environmental projects.


Helmut Schneider - Director

Europe and the Americas Renewable Energy Division 

Helmut Schneider is a German citizen and the Director of AAA Holding Sh.P.K. Albania.

Mr. Schneider is a long time European  Board of Director at The American Green Cross ,
a registered USA Trademarked,  based NGO 

Environmental R&D Organization , and also a seasoned member of the  BoD of ALGAentis Ltd. USA.

Helmut  is also a Consultant for the Albanian Energy Ministry and a German Capital Funding Company.

Through a Global Network of Renewable Energy Patent Holders and Engineers, developed over
the past 20 years, Helmut Schneider and the American Green Cross Board of Directors,  and the
ALGAentis BoD and Advisors have a built a clear path and a Mission of Environmental Project
Funding and Completion.

Helmut Schneider’s current main focuses are to work on new procedures, patents and inventions, to achieve  a better utilization of the resources that remain from industrial processes, such as current the Glycerin  project, involving the “leftovers” of alternative fuel production made from, fat , algae , and other waste recovery procedures.





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