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         GREEN  +  CROSS   HUMATE , 
                                         HUMIC ACID and FULVIC ACID

    We Drop Ship HUMATE PRODUCTS,  and Schedule Regular Deliveries,
      to GROWERS in all 50 States and Central & South America and the Caribbean

Humate has proved to increase root and crop yields by a factor of 3 +,
for over 25 years, in all open field and hydroponic applications

       HUMATE Purchases from the GREEN + CROSS
                    are Non-Profit , Tax Deductable expenses ,
                            and HUMATE Sales support environmental projects.
      Go to the page #2 HUMATE  Order Page, to start your delivery. 


                    Dedicated to the Environmental Protection of the Earth 
                                Can thoughtful, committed people change the World?
              It is the only thing that ever has.

                                               (C) copyright

                          "Help me Save my Friends "

   Mission     Statement;
          It is the Mission of the Green Cross
               to Protect our Environment , and Provide affordable, ecobuilt homes,  from sustainable materials
         develop sustainable crops with
         biological Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid Fertilizers,  made from Nature's own Organic Humate. 


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