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and develop sustainable food crops with biological fertilizers . 


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, for the last 6 years , has been working with its R&D engineers , to Capture the co2 at Coal Fired Power Plants, or any other sources of waste co2 emissions , liquefy that co2 for developing the Feedstock for Algae Biomass production , and crack those Algae Biomass cells into Emissions Free , Drop-In Algal biofuels , on an Economically viable , Sustainable 24/7 Industrial Scale  .
This project , funded thru grants to the 501-c-3 The American Green  , is being carried out in collaboration with its ALGAentis engineers

Potential , future revenue , derived from the Commercialization of the ALGAL Fuels production and licensing of the technology , will be returned to The American Green , to fund additional environmental projects .

The American Green has made application to the Advanced Research Products Agency / ARPA / DOE , to fund the fully automated Algae Biomass Production process's Proof of Technology demonstration Pilot Plant ,  to be located at the National Carbon Capture Center / NCCC.

To see the current status of the American Green   ALGAE BIOMASS R & D , go to>

The 4 Targeted Environmental Actions for Causes of Global Warming and Pollution : Air  ,  Water  ,  Forests  ,  and Sustainable Building Materials

Unfortunately, one silver bullet will not cure the problem.

Neither will a shotgun approach.

To be effective, we must focus on a limited, but high grade, priority menu.


Air: The number one target of Green Cross funds and efforts will be real carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NO) Reduction.

The United States is the highest fossil fuel, CO2, emitting country in the World, with 1.59 billion cubic tons of carbon released into the atmosphere in 2002.
National carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita - Maps and Graphics at UNEP/GRID-Arendal

It is time for the American people to join the rest of the World in the reduction of our own Greenhouse Gasses.
Image:Countries by carbon dioxide emissions world map.PNG - Wikimedia Commons

So how are we going to do it ?

The Green Cross co-funds and promotes new scientific research and retrofitted components applied to existing fossil fuel energy production operations which make a direct reduction in Real Net current emissions.

62 million cubic tons of Carbon monoxide is released from just the on-road vehicles within the United Sates each year.

The Green Cross promotes the World’s most Environmentally Friendly Renewable Energy technologies which will significantly reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and raise fuel efficiency from our existing and future transportation vehicles.

The United States produces 26.1 % of the World’s CO2 emissions.

The Green Cross Board of Directors include  professional , carbon emission engineers who have been working for years, with industry and Governments, World wide, to develop superior Ethanol and Bio-diesel projects, GeoThermal and BioMass Electrical Production , Methane Extraction from landfills, Tire Re-Cycling and    Renewable Building Products to replace cement powder production .

5.1 cubic tons per capita of CO2 are released each year in the U.S.A.
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

The Green Cross promotes renewable bio-mass plant sources which produce a net carbon reduction in their processing into ethanol.

The Green Cross is affiliated with carbon emissions engineers and industry leaders who are currently installing methane reduction projects onto landfills and animal feedlots.

The Green Cross brings together the concentrated power of the public, private, and State agencies to make real change to current environmental sources of pollution.


Clean Water, fresh and salt, the lifeblood of the Earth, shares the concentrated efforts of Green Cross.


2.7 Trillion Pounds of animal feedlot wastes from high Concentrated Animal Feedlot Farms threaten our drinking water and fisheries every year.

The Green Cross is working on projects to save our rivers and streams.

Green Cross is intent on Stopping the contamination of our water sources and streams and estuaries, caused by animal wastes from cattle feedlot, poultry and hog production /processing operations.

The E.P.A. reports that hog,  poultry , and cattle wastes have polluted 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 States and contaminated groundwater in 17 States.

The Green Cross  funds and promotes new science for utilization of animal waste conversion to  methane and by-products for use in ethanol and bio-diesel production, and implementation of waste water treatment plants versus the current surface disbursement spraying of animal waste upon the land, and running off into your drinking water and fisheries.

The Green Cross is working on stopping coral reef polution through reducing nitrates and off-shore sewage contamination.

SSEC - Images and Data

Forests, the lungs of the Earth, share in the main concentration of Green Cross.

Last Frontier Forests: Interactive Forest Maps

“When is the best time to plant a tree?” Now.

28% of the World’s medicines come from the Forests.
Centres of Plant Diversity - South America

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimate that 53,000 square miles of forests were destroyed each year .

N.A.S.A. biologists states that each acre of tropical forest store 163 billion tons of carbon .

Current deforestation releases 1.456 billion tons of carbon each year.

World climate map

Along with promoting the forest preservation and reforestation of trees in America and the world's countries , as a renewable  forest and income producing crop, Green Cross will support the preservation of the remaining World’s forests for their perpetual harvest of medicinal plants and renewable crop bearing value, and purely against further clear cutting for fuel, lumber, or livestock grazing .

World forests produce 40% of the earth’s oxygen.

A project to place 100s of thousands of acres of Amazon Rain Forest into perpetual conservation easements .



Global Population is currently on track to add 2 billion more people , over the next few years. 
The Earth's food , water and air can not currently sustain the existing population. 
The reasons are many , opinions may vary, but time for action is now. 
This campaign will  utilize its funding to distribute FREE 
birth control , on a continual basis ,  through out the world.
This campaign must be on-going,  distribution  will be coordinated through the world's  cooperating local NGOs,   and economical supplies will be sourced from safe , certified  pharamaceuticals.
Working together, individually,  we can each contribute to a sustainable ecosystem and a sustainable population.

The need , and the benefits to this Earth,  are obvious.



Please visit the GoFundMe site and Help Save this Old Blue Planet




IF  these 4  environmental crisis are sufficiently targeted , all other related environmental concerns will follow in a pattern of healing our Earth.

 A fragmented approach will not be sufficient  to make any real difference.

 Only intensely concentrated  , long term efforts,  will succeed.  Results and progress will be continually  updated on our interactive web site , for all members to view and provide input.


AZMAT Oil  Spill Sponge

Log onto  to View and purchase the GREEN + CROSS Hazardous Materials Sponge Products.
A percentage of all GREEN + CROSS HazMat Sales is contributed to The American Green Environmental Project Fund.


ABOVE Pic>Curtain Wall Net , attached to the Miles of deployed Hard Boom , made of Double Walled polyethylene 1/2 and 3/4 inch Mesh net grid Catches the Tar Balls and Emulsified ( Jelled ) Oil material that is not caught by the existing deployed Hard Boom 

The Green + Cross was busy, working on the Gulf Oil Spill. The Green + Cross has Patented and manufactured Oleophilic / Hydrophobic 16 inch and 24 inch Diameter Open Celled Polyurethane Foam BOOMS to Absorb the Oil on the Gulf Coast Beaches


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